ContactAngle is a software tool to measure the liquid contact angle of a droplet on a surface in images or videos. The contact angle is an important parameter in surface chemistry.

The program was originally created to help with optimising layer structures for digital microfluidic (DMF) devices for work done at the EMSG research group located at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The reason for writing it was that we had no access to a commercial program that would reliably and quickly extract contact angles from videos with hundreds of video frames.

ContactAngle was written and is still maintained by Daniel Winters It is open source under a BSD license and will work on all flavours of BSD, Linux and Windows. It uses the OpenCV computer vision library for image processing and the wxWidgets toolkit for the user interface.

The software comes without any warranty. Use it at your own risk, I will take no responsibility or liability if something breaks or goes wrong.

The homepage for the program with links to downloads is here.


For a description of how to use it, see usage.

Building from source

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